Life is About Being Happy

Alia-Penner-Papar-magSensible Weight Loss is about more than just losing weight.

This is a seductive thought -- "when I lose the weight, I will finally have the life that I love!"  But this is rarely the case.

In fact, we must have the life that we love FIRST so that our bodies can naturally be the weight they were meant to be.

Your body will not stay healthy or slim if your life revolves around stressful thoughts or seeking happiness in the form of some future-fake-self who is a representation of what society deems to be a "perfect you."

Sensible Weight Loss means using all of your Senses.  Eating with consciousness.  Choosing wisely.  Awakening your palate.  Your body naturally slims and feel energetic when you listen to her inner wisdom.

thinking about eatingIn this program we will NOT have calorie-counting, scales, or measuring tape.  But you will become more attuned to your inner guide of what feels good.  The result will be a way of permanent weight management and glowing health.  Learn to love food!

Here's a run-down of what we cover in the class:

  • What to buy at the grocery store (and what to not buy!)
  • Balancing Yin foods for weight loss and Yang foods for strength
  • Meal-planning and menu ideas for individuals and families
  • Healthy snacks to get through the work-day
  • Inner harmony = outer harmony; how to eat with ritual consciousness for weight loss
  • Incorporating exercise for every-body
  • Hormone regulating foods for thyroid problems and diabetics
  • Bonus:  healthy and enjoyable restaurant eating and vacation "diet" plan
  • Bonus:  how sex can improve your weight loss results
  • Bonus:  how to cleanse without starving yourself

This is an 8-week online class.  You can log in at any time to do the course work.

Money-back guarantee:  if you complete all the course work and decide within the first 2 weeks that this isn't the class for you, I will give you your money back.  No questions asked.

perfect bodyThis class is for you if you're ready to make a positive, permanent change in your mind-body connection.  If you're sick and tired of being sick and tired, this can help.  If you're ready to feel fabulous in your clothes and not have "nothing to wear" because of your muffin top, this is the class for you.  If you want to go out and have a social life and love your body, you're in the right place.

This class is not for you if your #1 goal is to be stick thin and you'll stop at nothing to get super-skinny.  We are not encouraging a specific body type image nor are we encouraging unhealthy and non-permanent rapid weight loss purely for weight loss alone.

This class is designed to take you step-by-step in the process of revamping your mind-body connection.  Sure, you could look up diet tips and tricks on the internet for free, but I'm going to (virtually) hold your hand through this process and give you exactly what you need to get real results.  No more guess-work like "...Let's try this new type of diet plan and see what happens..."

I'm going to give you emotional guidance and scientific information on enhancing your metabolism.   You will know what to eat and how much to eat without a second (or third or fourth) thought.  You will learn to actually enjoy exercise!  Class starts May 25th, but sign up now because on May 25th the cost is going to $250.  Right now it's $180 for lifetime access.

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